Bronze Star Medal Criteria

In the United States Armed Forces, there are various medals troops are eligible to earn on the basis of merit, duty and performance. Among such examples are the widely well known, and hard to obtain Congressional Medal of Honor. However, this is not the only medal won by members of the Armed Forces. One such medal is the Bronze Star. In this article, the Bronze Star Medal criteria in winning the Bronze Star will be discussed in full regarding members of the Armed Services who wish to obtain this esteemed medal.

One most well common Bronze Star Medal Criteria required to win the medal is to display an act heroism while the United States is at war with a foreign nation or involved with direct opposition to an enemy force. However, the criteria must not supersede the requirements to win the Silver Star. Such acts of heroism include saving the life of a fellow service member during a time of war or crisis.

Another requirement for Bronze Star Medal Criteria is to win the medal by the merits of a service member. Such merit must be accomplished with distinction such as serving obediently to the Armed Forces of the United States.

Although, the Bronze Star Medal may not be as highly respected as the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Bronze Star Medal is nonetheless a respectable medal in its own right. Much like its congressional counterpart, the Bronze Star is also won by merit and heroism, even if the heroism and merit is of a lesser nature. However, it still requires much effort on the part of the service member to win this award. Despite this, if one were to follow the Bronze Star Medal Criteria, then they too will be able to win this prestigious reward for their hard service and devotion to the United States Military.